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Saturday, February 26, 2005

We are all teachers and we are all learners........

My World...........

I go to school and there i have many friends. Taylor and Talon are a couple of them. I like Cheetah Girls, Bratz, Barbies, Lizzie Mcguire, Mary Kate and Ashley, dolphins, Winnie the Pooh, my cat, my dog, jewelry, lots of art supplies, That's so Raven, Power Puff Girls, horses, Seventh Heaven, and wildcats. I love to go shopping at my favorite stores, sing karaoke, do things with my family, get cheats and more cheats online, go shopping at my favorite stores, go to church, make arts and crafts with my Mom, cut loops for our loom, and write stories and letters. There are things i dont like:
Pain,spiders,snakes,liars,worms,colds,when my hair does that fuzzler thing, messing up on my drawings,and thunder storms.

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